Will not let me fly says i have a no fly zone

even though ive connected to dji and made a fly zone available how does litchi know i have been authorized a fly zone or how do i let it know i have one

I just found this in searching the forum, no needed replies thank-you

unlock Authorization zones and Enhanced Warning zones from the app. If you want to fly in those zones then just go to DJI Fly, unlock them, take off and then switch app while the drone is hovering.

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That seems clunky…


So, newbie here, with one successful waypoint flight under my belt. Just to understand, do you have to first close the DJI Fly app while in hover, then open the litchi app to continue? Would a Mini 2 be happy with that? Seems like there would be a period with loss of control, and RTH would be triggered.

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There’s no need for the DJI Fly app at all.
You can take off manualy with Litchi in Waypoint Mode, let the drone hover and then start the mission.
Loss of control(signal) happens between the drone and remote controller. It does not depend on any used App.
In fact you can fly any DJI drone without a smart device.
Selfie taken with Mavic Mini 1, NO smart device.


When I try to take off using a waypoint course it still says it is unable to take off due to being in a no-fly zone. Does Litchi software allow you to get permission to fly in the zone similar to the DJI software? I bought Litchi because DJI software no longer works with my Samsun 21Ultra so I can’t even use the DJI software to get permission, take off, then switch to Litchi…not take off = no fun :wink:

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Short answer: NO

You can only unlock NFZ within a DJI app (GO, GO4 or DJI Fly).

Revert back to the version that did work.

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Buy yourself a cheap Ipad Mini 4, also has the added benefit of twice
the screen area of your phone.

Thank you Archer. Great idea.

well f me… just blew 25$USD on this app to find out I can’t use it (I can’t install the DJI app on the desired cell, so I can’t take off…).


(*…thank you to whomever suggested launching w/ dji & then switching to litchi, that will suffice on my other cell, it won’t update any longer, but at least allows takeoff).

You can buy a cheap android that will work for less than half of what a mini 4 ipad would cost.

With only half the screen size …

What’s the cost difference between iPad mini 4 and a Galaxy tab 7 fe (what I use)

I do not suggest switching from the DJI app to Litchi during hover. Do the following:

  1. Start your drone and RC
  2. Unlock the NFZ in the DJI app
  3. Force stop the DJI app
  4. Start Litchi
  5. Take off

My firs though and question is… are you in a real no fly zone? If so, you would need to get a waiver from the FAA. There is a reason for those zones and it’s all about safety. If you have a waiver then I am no help for the software but I would think there is a way to input the waiver and relieve the restriction. Check the user manual!.