Will my mavic air 2 take a photo while recording video on a pre-made flight plan?

I would like to get a nice rolling video of a local cityscape, but I want it to stop and take a single photo when it gets to a certain point. When I make my flight plan and put in an action for the drone to hold position for 15s and an action to capture picture, will that stop my video or complete the tasks simultaneously?

If your drone has 2 cameras and can record video and take pictures at the same time, then of course.

No, the Mavic Air 2 doesn’t support PIV (Photo in Video).
You could take a screenshot from the video.
Also: actions will only be executed in Straight Line Missions where the drone stops at each waypoint.

could you not put in a stop recording action before the take picture action, then follow the take picture with a start recording

ONLY in a Straight Lines Mission.

Yeah agreed, but it will do what the OP was after won’t it?

Maybe interval photography exists, I’m looking forward to it.