Will Litchi work with the Mavic 3 Enterprise?

I have been using Litchi to create autonomous flights for a Phantom 4 pro V.2 drone for the last year. I’m looking to switch to the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise platform but I need to know if I can still use Litchi with the new drone.

DJI has released the SDK (Android only) for the M3E. Litchi is currently working on a totally new app for the M3E. However, because the new SDK is incompatible with the old SDK, this will require a total rewrite of the Litchi app. An anticipated release data for the new Litchi app has not been mentioned.

I’m an iOS user so it’s a bummer that right now the enterprise SDK is only available for Android. Has DJI indicated at all whether they will release an iOS SDK for their Mavic 3 enterprise?

Short answer … no. They have indicated that they are working on Android only

since the M3E has to be flown with the RC PRO, they ed will never be one on ios.

So are you saying that it can’t be flown with an RC-N1 controller, so you’d be stuck with a horrible titchy little screen

Yes … or you can take the HDMI out of the Pro to a bigger display (the is what I do).

Not a lot of cop then, love flying with my tab 7fe

Does that mean whatever litchi app is developed will need to be loaded and used solely on the RC PRO?

Not necessarily, I know that Dronelink are in weekly talks with DJI trying to get things sorted, but it is down to DJI