Will Litchi work with either the Mavic 3 or the Mini 3 Pro?

Thank you, very helpful. I’ll just buy the Mini 2/Litchi. Too bad, the Mini 3 looks attractive except for the lack of useful follow mode.

That may have changed…

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Just checking in to see if there is an update on getting M3E Litchi app. I was able to install the latest version of Litchi on the DJI remote in hopes I would be in luck but nothing yet. Appreciate an update if you have.


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Hi AP3,

I have not heard any recent news regarding Litchi’s effort to support the M3E (MSDKv5).

@vico or @Kaehn , would it be possible for either of you to provide some sort of status update on any development effort to support the M3E with a new app? There are a fair number of people inquiring about this.

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As of a few days ago, Dronelink has a beta started with support for Mini 3 Pro and Mini 3. So clearly the DJI MSDK 5 with that support is available in some way, though the DJI dev site doesn’t show the version with M3/Pro support yet. Dronelink is having some issues with some phones and there may be issues with Android 13 at this point related to the MSDK.

It was also noted that DJI has obstacle avoidance disabled in MSDK 5 (unlike 4) which is a bummer. Dronelink says they’re pushing to have it enabled again and have some hopes this will happen.

As for installation on the DJI RC. Interesting to see that there may be a hack to get external apps on there. But keep in mind the memory resources and speed of that device are limited – running apps like Litchi on it (as opposed to a fast smartphone) may be impractical.

One other note: It appears DJI is only providing MSDK 5 support for Android, not iOS, at least at this time.




Yep, Android MSDK 5.3.0 with Mini 3/Pro support is now up.



The mini 3 pro sdk is already out and has been for quite a few weeks now.
Why have you not gotten Litchi to work with it yet?
I haven’t been able to use my paid Litchi since I got rid of my mini 2!
Get on the ball, people!!!

As a software developer myself and someone who leads a team of software developers, this is certainly the type of message that would inspire me.


I had read that it only takes around 2 weeks for Litchi to get into an sdk and get an aircraft into the Litchi software.
It’s been well over 2 weeks since the mini 3 pro sdk had been released.
As a paying customer that hasn’t been able to use this software for over 6 months, I’m pretty antsy to get Litchi installed and working with my quad. Especially since this has to do with my BUSINESS.
I’m losing opportunities to make money when I’m waiting on a piece of software I need.
As mentioned in the forums, Dronelink already has the mini 3 incorporated into their software. But I haven’t bought that software.
Maybe I need to since Litchi hasn’t put out a mini 3 pro update.

Would it make ‘business sense’ to invest in something that already exists then? Or are you willing to wait? Its as simple as that.


It’s not litchi’s problem that you sold your mini 2 that works perfectly fine with litchi, if you hadn’t sold it you could be using litchi to makes money from your customers.

As for the fact that Dronelink have indeed got a BETA version of their software out for the mini 3 pro, this is in very early stages and they are having lots of problems with the sdk, which in some cases won’t work properly with android 13 (a problem that’s down to DJI), maybe it’s because of things like this that litchi hasn’t come out with a version for mini 3 yet


Does it make business sense to invest in a company that promises to incorporate a drone in 2 weeks after sdk release? A company that is quick to update software is generally the best choice.
I actually took it back after realizing the mini 3 pro was being released since there’s a 30 day window to take it back.

Who made this promise?

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Whereabouts did litchi make this promise?

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I may have my wires crossed on the 2 weeks thing. Can’t find it now.
I guess I wait.
As stated, I’m pretty antsy to get Litchi on my mini 3. I really love Litchi.
I do see there is a post by Wes…
In the past, when DJI added support for a new drone to their SDK, Litchi was able extend their support for that new drone rather quickly. This was because the same functions in the SDK would now successfully communicate with the new drone leaving only minor changes, it any, for Litchi to make in their app.

However, with DJI’s move from SDKv4 to SDKv5 it gets more complicated. SDK version 4 (what Litchi is based upon) and SDK version 5 are incompatible. This means that one app (such as Litchi), cannot use both SDKv4 and SDKv5 at the same time. So, any new DJI drone supported by SDKv5, will require that Litchi write a totally new app, based on SDKv5 to support that drone.

Hopefully they get a new app going since sdkv5 is what they’ll be using now.

I certainly understand your frustration, but in my humble opinion, after writing a message driven by frustration or anger, it is always worth waiting for a few hours, then re-reading it before sending it.


Another issue that may not be obvious to many people is that it is very likely that a new app written to support the Mini 3 will be a separate download (separate app) from the current Litchi app that so many are using. This means that it is very likely that to download this new app another payment will be required even if you already have purchased the current Litchi app on that same platform.

This is all conjecture on my part. However, knowing that a new app based upon MSDKv5 is required, it wouldn’t surprise me at all that there will be a separate price for this new app and I’m sure there will be many complaining that it should also be free if you already own the existing Litchi app.


I would hope that they make am exception. I only used the app for 2 days before taking the quad back.
I had hoped the mini 3 would’ve been flyable with it. (First time user of these apps. My old quads didn’t use apps.)

7 days have passed.
We are in the middle of the 2nd Quarter.
Will we have to wait till the end of the quarter to have the mini 3 pro version?
Any news?

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