Why won't my mavic 2 pro fly after the remote id firmware update

we update our mavic 2 pro with remote id firmware like good guys to adhere to the new laws. Now litichi will not work on our smart controller. It connects to the drone but you can’t even free fly much less fly missions.

The firmware upgrade for remote ID also requires an app upgrade for remote ID (both DJI Go4 and Litchi). What version of Litchi are you running?

Thank you for responding Wes. I have version v4.15.0-a on the smart controller at the moment. DJIGO is the most recent version.

Version 4.15 is very old – from 2019. You will need to update to the latest version of Litchi for Android.

Thank you so much Wes. I will let you know how I make out.

you saved me. It took some other uploads to be able to get litichi on to my controller via google play but I’m up and running. Thanks again.

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