Why should there be a big difference in file size between two different drones?

I have a Mini SE and a M1P. This morning I flew the same mission with each drone. Only difference being 12 MPH with the Mini and 24 MPH with the Mavic pro.
The video file sizes were 1.5 GB for the Mini and 260 MB for the M1P.
Both videos look similar and I’m happy with the quality and size of the file from the M1P.
What settings should I change on the Mini to create smaller file size yet still have acceptable footage?

Things that affect the size of the file containing the video include:

  • Resolution (1920x1080, 2688x1512, etc.)
  • Frame rate (24 fps, 30 fps, 60 fps, etc.)
  • Bit rate (40,000 kb/s, 50,000 kb/s etc.)
  • Codec (h264, h265, etc.)

Check for differences between the two movie files to find out which one(s) are different.

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One thing that also springs to mind is the mission (and hence the video) is going to take twice as long with the mini as you’re flying at half the speed as with the mavic pro

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