Why Litch needs access to phone calls in Android?

I understand camera, location, multimedia, but phone?

The DJI SDK requires the phone permission to get an id for the device. Without it, the SDK won’t register and Litchi then cannot connect to DJI drones
It is not to make or manage calls

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Sorry to contradict. But this is not true. I have a dedicated Android phone for flying. This phone is fitted with a SD Card bit no SIM in either SIM Slot. It has never seen a SIM card.

So far it has done everything asked of it with both Litchi and DJI Fly.

Before leaving home, I check that the software on all is up to date. Nothing else.

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I’m using a tablet that is wifi only, so the app does not need cell data.

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It’s not that the SDK needs to use cellular data or that it needs an SIM card. The SDK probably just needs the device ID (IMEI) and obtains it by accessing a phone function.

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Doesn’t make any sense at all as most tablets have no phone function. So why the different requirement for a phone vs tablet?
litchi staff should explain the real reason as it’s a very unsettling permission to grant ANY app!

The DJI SDK requires an ID from your flying device in order for it to work. I don’t know why, but it does. The ID it uses (which ID is not known) is obtained through a function that requires “phone permissions”.

This is really a DJI question as they are the ones who require it for their SDK to be used.

Yes, exactly. As I stated, DJI and/orLitchi developers or support/mgmt really should respond in detail to make us feel warm and fuzzy about allowing the phone permission. And provide detailed info for future users.

I already feel warm (but not necessarily fuzzy). You may want to post this question in the DJI forum where you can get the answer directly from DJI then let us know what they say.


What’s wrong with giving the phone permission

It’s one more way to track people and mine data. And if it’s not required on a tablet, it shouldn’t be required on a phone. If they have access to your phone, they have access to your PRIVATE list of contacts and their info too.

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so basically paranoia, and who is this they that you talk about