Which focus in Waypoint Mode for Mapping / blurry Photos with AFC and what is smart Foto?

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for my Air2s i am wondering which focus mode i should use, i used AFC but a lot of pictures came out bad (see attached)

Drone ist stopping for taking the Photo and this is only from 111m height above the ground (probably 80-90m above the trees) so i don’t really understand why. Maybe someone got an Idea ? I read about the manual infinity focus, would you recommend that ? Since i’m mainly mapping forstry the objects are always more than 50m away but i need sharper/better focus for most of the images. Some come out okay but most of them don’t. The images with my fimi x8se2020 were much better (sharper) so i think it’s just a wrong setting since the Air2s cam should be much better.

Can smeone explain the Setting smart Foto to me ? i didn’t find any explanation for that. (it’s found in Foto Mode Setting next to single photo and AEB)

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AFC (Auto Focus Continous) performs a re-focus every time the drone stops moving for about 5 seconds.
It also performs a re-focus in (short) intervals when the drone is stationary (not flying).
This re-focus acts exactly the same as tapping the screen in AF.
With most drones you will hear a beeping sound during re-focus.

During a re-focus the image gets blurry for a brief moment.

When the camera gets the instruction to take a photo during a re-focus moment, there’s a good chance the photo will be blurry.

I have no knowledge about the Smart Photo setting.

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@Yordie thx, do you know something about the manual infinity focus ?

@Dietrich, this is from the User Guide for Litchi, I hope this helps.

Camera Focus

For cameras with adjustable focus, the camera focus mode can be changed in the camera settings. Available modes are Auto, AFC and Manual.
To set the focus on a specific location, make sure you are in Auto or AFC focus mode then tap anywhere on the video preview to trigger autofocus at that location.
To set the focus to Infinity (everything in focus), switch to Manual focus mode then tap on the Infinity (∞) button. Alternatively you can use the custom function “Focus to Infinity”. Before using Infinity focus for the first time, it is recommended to calibrate the lens. Tap on “Calibrate Lens” in the camera settings then follow the steps on-screen.

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Thx, ive read that before. Did anyone actually use the infinity Focus fpr Mapping or what would the Mapping people recommend ?

This is a link to the Forum conversations concerning mapping.
It will also point you to the Litchi users that use this the most.
If you put an @ before the persons name it will alert them to the post and hopefully they will be able to help you.
Remember to use the Search function at the top right of your screen to look up any topics that you have questions about, just tap the magnifying glass.


@Steve_Amerson thx, i’ve had a look at those topics but most of them concerning my Questions are outdatet an dprobbly fixed/updatet already which is why i startet a new Topic.


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