Which (DJI) drone now?


how did I get to this question? Well, I got burned. Wanted a done with an screen built in the controller and long flight time. Got me an an air3 with RC2.
To find out I cannot use Litchi for waypoint missions.
Yes, should have reading the news first :frowning:

Back to the topic.
What I need ( ahem - should be honest and say want ) is

  • in flight time ( 40 min ?? )
  • controller with screen
  • Litchi fully usable, especially for offline planning missions

Mavic 3 classic seems unsupported, so what are viable options?

With the possibility of non-US made drones being banned for commercial use, I cannot justify buying a enterprise DJI drone …


You can use the Litchi Hub to plan waypoint missions, then use the linked utility to convert these missions into DJI Fly missions and copy them to your RC-2 to fly them with your Air-3.

This YouTube video is helpful: