Which Android Smartphone Should I Buy?

My smartphone won’t work with Litchi and my DJI Mavic Mini.
I want to buy an inexpensive Android phone specifically for this purpose.
Is there a list? If not, which Android phone would you recommend?
Thanks in advance.

Anything that can run DJI app should run Litchi very well. 64bit ais a requirement .

here’s a couple of links…but I’d filter it to nothing older than 2019 with at least 4gb of ram. Also, it is sometimes possible to uninstall new versions of the app (but not the firmwares) and regress to older versions that worked but this can be iffy if you’ve updated the controller or drone firmwares.

If you get a combo working, Don’t update! and turn auto-updates off too.

Thank you very much - appreciated

You’re welcome! By the way, I use sub-par stuff. A Lenovo M8 with A10 and a Moto G Fast with A11.
Neither are ideal but with Video Caching turned OFF, they seem to work very well…never had a crash since disabling the “Video Caching” ,so it might be generally important for sub-par equipment…it needs a fair amount of processor…
So, if you intend to be a you-tube guy explaining things, you would need a good device.

Google Pixel 6a, Samsung Galaxy A54, and OnePlus Nord N20, all are budget-friendly android phones.

Why don’t you buy a cheap Apple Ipad mini 4 from ebay, you get a much
larger screen than a smartphone.

Thanks guys. I’ve ordered a cheap compatable android phone from EBay.

its only slightly larger than my Z fold 4, if going for a tablet then Galaxy Tab 7FE is a good bet (12.4" screen)

If you have the android App and then buy any Apple device you will need to buy the Apple version of Litchi.