Where is the New User Tutorial located?

I have read the user guide and am looking for anything else that will help. Thanks.

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There is no New User Tutorial.

The Online User Guide is updated regularly with new updates of the Litchi app.
You can read about updates in the “what’s New” section here:

-This forum by asking specific questions (or use the search function).
-Search on Youtube
-Litchi for DJI Drones Official Group

-Litchi App for DJI:

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Thanks again TriBar, I think I am about ready to try out a couple of short missions I have been testing in VLM.

If there is no New User Tutorial why is the Certified badge listed on the Badges tab?
"This badge is granted upon successful completion of the interactive new user tutorial. You’ve taken the initiative to learn the basic tools of discussion, and now you’re certified! "

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Does anyone know where this Tutorial is located? (or if it even exists?)

I seem to remember doing some sort of automated user tutorial thing when I first signed up for the forum

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