Where is the Litchi App folder on my Android phone?

In the Litchi version I was still using (4.15.0-g) in my Android devices I could see a “Litchi App” folder in the explorer of my computer after having pluged the device. This folder contained two sub-folders (“flightlogs” and “missions”) that I could edit easily.
Since I bought a DJI Air2S I have installed in one phone le last Beta version of Litchi (4.21.1_BETA-g) and I don’t see anymore this “Litchi app” folder, either on my phone or in my computer. This is very ennoying.
Is it possible to retreive it somewhere in my phone content ? I am particularly interested in the “Missions” subfolder.
Thanks in advance for answering.

Capture d’écran 2022-02-09 192439

The location was changed in a recent update

On Android, Litchi’s flight logs are located in the “Android/data/com.aryuthere.visionplus/files/flightlogs” folder in the storage of your mobile device. You can connect the device to a computer to view these files or install a third party file management app.


Thank you Vico. And about the “Missions” file ?

Same folder, just ‘missions’ instead of ‘flightlogs’