Where do I access recordings and photos on Android phone?

Where do I access recordings photos on Android phone??

Litchi for Android can NOT cache video/photo to the smart device.
All footage wil be stored on the SD-card in the drone.
You could try to download this footage to the phone using DJI GO(4) or DJI Fly.

Ridiculous that this isn’t available on the app

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For me excelent idea, Not overloading the phone with extra Jobs, and a waste of space…

Litchi for iOS merely activates the build-in screenrecorder on iOS.
There’s no build-in screenrecorder in Android.
There are plenty of (free) screenrecorder apps in the playstore.

I dont think recording the screen is a substitute for the ability to download the photos and videos in their native format directly from the app like you can do from the DJI fly app.