What makes an Androide device work with Litchi app?

I’m new. Got a Mini 2. DJI app would never install on any available device (LG Tribute Android v6 & K8 Android V6 / Moto e5 Android v8 / Samsung Tab A / etc.). DJI support finaly fessed-up that their fly app needs a 64-bit device. All the devices I have are 32-bit. Got Mini 2 activated through the kindness of a person with an IOS device. Flys GREAT under blind-manual control and the setup done with the IOS device.The Litchi FAQ says something to the effect there are to many Androide devices to give list of those that work. The FAQ, or somewhere I read on the flylitchi site implies that it can activate a DJI device?

I believe I have provided what I can that might be enough to request assistance?

Bottom line: Has anyone gotten the litchi app to work on any of the devices I have? I would like to do more than fly the Mini 2 manually-blind (no VR & no camera & no streaming).
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Litchi is running on 32-Bit since about a year. So it should work on older tablets, too.
However, I figured out, that sometimes the video of the camera is not shown on some devices. This is not a problem of Litchi, it is a problem with the device itself or the android version it is running on.

I myself have a Samsung Tab 2, which is running Litchi, but does not show the video stream.
On the same tablet I am running Rainbow and UgCS as well and none of them is showing the camera stream.

I believe, Rainbow and UgCS are using DJI SDK, so they might all have the same issue, but I am not sure. Same problem with my older Samsung A5: No video is shown, but this might be related to the last version, as in prior versions of Litchi this worked. However, Rainbow and UgCS are also no more working, so it might be also related to android itself. As both have aso been updated to latest version, this might be also an issue of DJI’s SDK - not sure either and still examining this. All these hardware are 32-bit running LineageOS 14.4.

My Samsung S7, which is 64-Bit and running also LineageOS is running perfectly.

Personally I am using Litchi, the other two (and also DJI Fly on the S7), are just installed for testing purposes, so that I have a reference system if something is fishy in Litchi and I have to check, what is going wrong.

Hope this helps a little bit.

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Appreciate your input and thoughts. Guess I’ll pony-up for the app.

It would be nice to be able to modify some of the settings on the Mini 2. It will be even GREATER if I can see where I am going and what it is I think I am photographing!

It was good to learn the Litchi app will operate on 32-bit mobile.

By any chance would you know if there is a Win-10 32/64 bit version of the app? I was not able to distill this bit from what I have read on this site or searches on the internet.

thanks … !

No, there is no Litchi for Windows, neither for linux. You could try to use an Android emulator. I tried one, but did not work, because my computer is too old (missing cpu flags).

What is working is, that the video signal is transferred to a computer. You need a listening RTMP server and VLC on the computer. However, I tested in linux with nginx, if this is working on Windows, too? Don’t know. I do not use crappy Windows, because it is eating all power for itself, and you need a decent hardware to run things fluently.

If you have a second tablet, maybe a bigger one, you can use Litchi Vue, to see the video on the other device.

But you need to see the video on the first device!

If there is one, you can try to change the usb settings, to datatransfer, media protocol and so on, or switch usb debuging on (it is in the developer sections).

Latly you can try to flash the mobile to LineageOS, if possible. This OS is smaller and quicker than the stock Android.

Good luck!


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Guess I have my work cut-out-for-me. I did find How to Set Up an RTMP Server on Windows, Linux, and Mac which gives some hope of a RTMS that might give some hope for windows? Never know what will ultimately happen when getting involved in something like this.

I just want to fly the drone.

I “flung” a message at support with several questions to maybe further enlighten my understanding of the Litchi app and how I may have to wrestle with “what I want” and with “the limitations and capabilities of the app” with the devices I have. We shall maybe learn what additional information they may share?

Again, thanks!

How to Set Up an RTMP Server on Windows, Linux, and Mac