What is "Minimal Location Accuracy" good for?


just a question. In Section “Multicopter” I found a setting called “minimum location accuracy”. I understood your description and the default value is 10. However, does this mean, the higher this value, the better?

It is not clear to me, when I do need this. It comes in my mind, when I am moving too fast (maybe by a car) and the range of the drone and the mobile device gets too far (let us say, it shall follow me in 30m range, I set it minimum value to 10) then it will stop at a distance of 30m + 10m? Until I come back into range of 40m? Do I interprete this correctly?

If so, then setting this from 10 to 30 would result in better follow mode, for example, when I drive faster or slower.

Is my explanation correct? If not, please enlighten me.

Thank you.



It specifies how much the GPS position of the smart device can be off before Follow Mode can no longer follow the smart device.
The higher you set this, the more likely you won’t be in frame.
It has nothing to do with speed and/or follow distance.

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This is still not quite clear for me, sorry. To understand this: If my mobile has accurate GPS data, then I will never need this feature. But when my mobile gets no GPS data for a while, and I am moving, say 10m, then the data of the mobile stays. The drone has 3 datas (actual position from the mobile, actual position of itself and distance from the mobile). If mobile stays at same GPS data, as it does not receive GPS for a while, then there is a difference. If this difference is too high, the drone stops, until the mobile gets new GPS date and the drone is in range.

Correct so far?

If I increase the value, say, we set it very high, for example 100m, the longer the mobile can be without or false GPS data until the drone stops.

This will only come in handy, when there is either no GPS data on the mobile or false data on the mobile or frozen data, either in drone or in mobile.

Hope my thoughts are correct. When the weather is better in my living area, I will check this out.

Please feel free to correct me.

Have a nice weekend!



Follow will stop/not work.

In that case the mobile has NO GPS data to send to the drone, it does NOT stay at the same GPS data, so Follow will stop/not work.

ONLY false GPS data.

Let’s say the mobile GPS data is 15m off in front of you, then the camera will also point 15m in front of you. (when Minimal Location Accurary is set to 15m or more).
That’s why you can get out of frame when you set this number too high.

Completely understood! Thanks for the clearance.

Now I am enlighted. :smile:

Best regards and have a nice weekend!