What is AFC focus?

What is focusing in AFC mode and what is the difference to AUTO mode?
Thanks for any help.

Depends on which drone you are using.

I use a DJI Air 2s :smiley:

AFC is NOT drone depended !

For drones that support AFC:
While recoding video there are 3 ways to focus:
1.Manual Focus (MF)
2.Auto Focus (AF)
3.Auto Focus Continous (AFC)

With (AF) the camera only performs an autofocus after starting up the drone and at the moment you hit the record-button.

With (AFC) the camera also performs an autofocus whenever the drone is not moving for a moment.
A negative side effect of (AFC) is that a Waypoint Action ‘Take Photo’ will be ignored if at the same time the camera is focussing.
Another negative side effect is that it will be clearly visible when the camere is refocussing during video recording.


How can Afc work if it is not supported?

Of course it doesn’t, but it doesn’t work either. :slight_smile:

You obviously don’t have a very good command of the English language. Obviously, if the OP asked about AFC, he must have a drone with AFC capability. Therefore, asking “what drone?” is an unnecessary question.


I wrote that afc depends on which drone. For absolutely all drones, there is an afc setting in litchi, but it only works on models like mavic pro.