What is a tello? DJI?

I’ve seen these advertised with a camera on them. I’m assuming that they are fixed cameras? Do they require a remote control or are they flyable with a smartphone? I’m looking to fly something “simple?” and inexpensive with my grandson. He is 13 years old. We can get refurbished on eBay with two-year limited warranty. $69

@Pat_Sweangen, this is a case of you get what you pay for. These cheaper drones mostly do not have any GPS on board and therefore can’t hold a stable hover. Litchi only works with DJI drones so using it would not be possible with Tello. A really good choice for a new beginner drone with GPS, Litchi compatible and a decent price would be the Mini SE. It is very stable, has 2.7K recording and does all the Litchi modes the same as the more expensive drones. The DJI Care plan for this drone is inexpensive and covers losses even when using Litchi.

The DJI/Ryze Tello is manufactured by Ryze with some sort of help from DJI. Yes, they have a fixed camera. They do not require a remote as they can be flown directly with a smart phone. You didn’t ask, but since you posted this in the Litchi forum, I must say that the Tello is not compatible with Litchi.

A Tello might be an inexpensive way to see if your grandson is interested in drones. If he becomes more interested, he could later move on to a more serious (and more expensive) DJI drone.

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Thank you for your input. We purchased a refurbished tello for s and giggles and yes I’m aware that it’s not supported in the litchi app. I have been wanting to replace my mini SE with a mini 2 with Ocusync so great idea for him to start with the SE.

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