What happens when you tell Drone to come back to home

DJI Mavic mini…Let’s say the drone is at 100 ft up in the air and 200 ft away from home location. You tell it to return home. Does it stay at 100 ft in the air, then come to home location and lower to that spot? Or does it go straight from 200 ft to home at an angle (shortest point from one to the other)?

Really depends on what the RTH altitude is set at:

In the case that you mention if the RTH altitude is set at 100 feet or lower it will stay at 100 feet, fly a straight line to the home point and then descend and land.

If the RTH altitude is say 125 feet it will rise up to 125 feet, before returning home.

to be quite honest this is something that you should really now before you launch a drone for the first time, and RTH altitude should be assessed and st appropriately before every flight


You should realy read the Mavic Mini User Manual !
Pages 12-13-14.


Whilst I agree with other reviewers suggesting you really ought to read the manual, I do think they are a little harsh and ignore your basic question.

I think the answer you were after is ‘it will travel horizontally at the preset RTH altitude, then descend vertically.’ It will not carry out an angled approach path like a real aircraft does on runway approach. That is how the DJI Go Fly app works - and that is what their manual will tell you.

How Litchi implements the same RTH function? Still a valid question for the community.

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um no i don’t agree, read my last reply

Litchi merely activates DJI’s RTH procedure.