What FAA RID compatible drones work with Litchi/Apple

Well DJI hosed me with my Mavic Platinum Pro by recording the Remote ID certification.

I want

  • a Litchi Compatible Drone
  • that works with my iPhone
  • and is FAA Remote ID compliant (RID)

What are my options? I love the new drones but most are not compatible with Litchi. And the few new SDK compatible versions coming out Android only.

Advice welcome… I need my Litchi style waypoints and can’t go back!!!


Right now there is one: The Air 2S.

DJI recently released the SDK for the Mini 3 / Mini 3 Pro. When the new Litchi Pilot app is completed there will be another that meets your criteria. However, this will be for Android only.

DJI has a roadmap that includes a RID firmware upgrade for the Mavic 2 series but it is not projected to be ready until December, 2023.

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