What error messages are shown? Is there a list?


I have been using litchi with Phantom and Matrice drones for a while. There are some error messages that do appear both on pilot and on litchi and some don’t (some just a sound is heard, like when there is strong wind).

I am specifically asking about the arms folded message which is a critical message under pilot that forces you to take down immediately. Is that error message shown in litchi for Matrice 300? Has any of you viewed it? Just to make sure I can safely fly if this error pops up and I don’t notice… I don’t want to try it and risk my aircraft if someone has already seen it.

By the way, is there some kind of listing that shows messages and meaning by litchi?

Thanks in advance,


Many of the error codes that Litchi displays come directly from DJI’s SDK. Unfortunately, DJI has not produced a list of the error code meanings.