What about active tracking or follow-me mode in litchi pilot?

Firstly, it is a wonderful surprise to see the new version of Litchi being developed to support drones such as the DJI Mini 3. I have been closely following the developments with Litchi Pilot and apparently the developers are more focused on making plans with waypoints for photogrammetry projects. My question is: is the application being developed to add follow-me mode and active track functionality to the Mini 3? Unfortunately this drone does not have follow-me mode and I would like to know if I can trust the new version of Litchi to give the Mini 3 this functionality or if I am going to have to think about replacing my Mini 3 with a higher end model.

Thank you for your time.

The priority is waypoint mode which is still in the works. GPS Follow mode likely will be added at some point. Visual tracking less likely but not decided at this point.

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Finally I have decided to keep my DJI Mini 3 and acquire a RC-N1 controller to be aware of the new features that you bring to this drone with your Litchi Pilot software. I think you guys have a great opportunity to develop a very powerful application. I am very excited about the idea of you integrating a follow-me option to the Mini 3. Please don’t stop considering this option as there are many of us who are interested. In the meantime I will continue to participate in this community, giving reports of the application.

Thank you very much

I bought the Litchi application for my DJI Mini 3 drone. To my deep disappointment, I saw that the compatible DJI Pilot version offers nothing comparable compared to the standard Litchi version. There is no track mode, focus mode, follow me etc… In short, it is practically of no use to me, which is why I bought the application.
I ask you why this choice is made and whether these functions will also be implemented for the mini 3 series on litchi pilot.
Thank you

The regular Litchi app supports any drone using MSDKv4 from DJI.

This is because the new Litchi Pilot app (which supports DJI drones using MSDKv5) is new and still in beta. Waypoint implementation was the highest priority to complete first.

The choice was made to implement Litchi’s most important features first. Waypoints are by far the most-used Litchi feature. Once the waypoints feature is stable, Litchi will move on to implement other features in the new Litchi Pilot app.

I want to share with you the video of my first test I did with Litchi Pilot and the Mini 3. Really surprised of the potential of this application. The only negative point to comment is that when executing a trajectory at a higher speed (4m/s) the movement of both the drone and the camera is not completely smooth. This is solved by applying slower execution speeds (2m/s). I will continue testing and posting videos of the next developments. Looking forward to tracking functions :slight_smile: