Web application to calculate horizontal and vertical fields of view (FOV)

I have created a web application that will compute the horizontal and vertical fields of view (FOV) for DJI drones given the diagonal FOV provided in the DJI specifications. This information may be of interest to those using drones to perform mapping services. In addition to the horizontal and vertical FOVs, the following items are also computed and provided (based on the desired height of the drone, desired overlaps, and time between photos):

  • Equivalent 16x9 video FOVs
  • Horizontal and vertical coverage
  • Front and side overlap
  • Horizontal distance between photos (parallel flight path distance)
  • Vertical distance between photos (capture interval)
  • Required speed

Most, if not all mapping software will already compute these values. So, this data is probably most useful to those who might want to experiment manually with this data or those who simply want to confirm information provided elsewhere.

Details are also provided on how to calculate both the horizontal and vertical FOVs which is not as obvious as some may think.

I do not perform any mapping functions myself and therefore have no direct experience with mapping. If there are any comments, questions, or suggestions, I am open to hearing them.


I find the tool very useful for generating overlay images to use in Google Earth Pro.
Your options list for drones includes some specific FOV values. If the FOV were included in the description, it would make it easier to find a drone to use when mine isn’t listed.
An option for manually entering a specific FOV would be nice. For example, the thermal camera on a Matrice M30T has a FOV of 61 degrees.

Keep up the good work. I use many of your utilities quite frequently.

I have added the specs for the Matrice 30 Thermal. It looks like it has an aspect ratio of 5x4. If there are any others you wish added, please let me know.

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That was quick! I used the data this morning to plan a flight for this evening.

Yes, it is easy to add additional camera specifications.