Waypoints Start Recording Action Not Working - Mavic Air 2 / Smart Controller

I am attempting to conduct a recon of a bivouac site. The desired profile is to have the camera focus on a point while the drone takes pictures and video from varying headings.

At each waypoint I have assigned the following actions: Note: Gimbal Pitch is “Focus POI”
Take Photo
Start Recording

The camera takes a photo at each waypoint as expected.
The camera never records any video.

Assistance/Guidance will be very much appreciated.

Hi Jim,

I have found that to make those camera actions much more reliable, you need to insert a one-second pause (Wait for 1s) between camera movements (pitch, rotate) and starting or stopping video or taking a photo. For example, at one waypoint, use the following actions:

Wait for 1s
Stop Recording
Wait for 1s
Take photo
Wait for 1s
Start recording

Give this a try.

The first question is what is your mission mode? Are you in curved line mission or straight-line mission?
You must be in straight-line mode for waypoint actions to execute. It is a very common mistake and easily missed.

Thank you, Wes.
Will plug the waits into the mission and see what happens.
May be a day or two before I can get back to you with the results. My MA2 doesn’t like high winds :slightly_smiling_face: , particularly when the gust factor exceeds 25mph.

Good question, Don.
And the answer is the mission mode is straight-line.
Thanks for asking.

Hi Don,

Jim said that it was successfully taking photos, therefor I concluded that he must already be in straight line mode.