Waypoints: Manual increasing speed between waypoints doesn't work

@Tribar, any chance that DJI changed their setup to please the FAA and other’s in Gov’t that may have been concerned that the older setup could make it easier to launch a terrorist incident with a “fire and forget” type of drone bomb? If the signal can be lost and the drone finishes the mission anyway, then what could stop it? However from a pilot’s perspective it really is a major step backwards!

I know that autonomous drone flights are not allowed in the EU (for recreational pilots).
I also know that all drones sold in the EU after 2023 need to have a drone specific CE certification.
The Mavic 3 and Mini 3 Pro already meet the specifications for this CE certification and can be given this by a firmware update at the moment it is required.

For this reason the extended batteries for the Mini 3 Pro are not available in the EU.
Another requirement is that the drone lights have to be on all the time, so turning them off during video recording wil not be possible anymore.

For this reason it’s quite possible there will never be an SDK for these 2 drones (and future DJI consumer drones) or an SDK with geographical limitations (something like FCC & CE transmission standards).

There will also be different versions of remote controllers (and drones) for different regions, FCC & CE only, which is already the case for the DJI Mini and Mini SE RC.

These are only my thoughts.

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Thanks a lot Yordie, i finally found that setting option.!!

Thanks a lot TriBar, it is like you are saying. once the drone is connected you can see the option “exit waypoint mission on signal loss” .!!

Yeah, the reason those batteries aren’t available in the UK and the EU is they are heavier than the standard batteries and would put the mini 3 pro over the 249 gram limit for a C0 designated drone

Would be Great to implement cable cam between waypoints - it is feasible as it exists in another recently release app for dji fly Compatible drones

Hi guys. I don’t understand if the problem of drones with virtual sticks (mine is a DJI Air 2) is insurmountable in order to obtain this very useful function, or will it be possible if only Litchi wanted to… :grimacing:
Thank you