Waypoints in image metadata

Hello. I am new at this forum and looked quite a bit for something that could help me with this, but couldn’t find an answer so I decided to ask:

I have for example a mission with 10 waypoints. I run this mission once a month for 3 years. I Have all images and would like to filter them by waypoint. I thought that putting them on Lightroom I could see the waypoints on the Map Tab, but unfortunately there was some deviation of location and now I have a mess. So my question is: Can I find this waypoint in the metadata? I would like to easy be able to identify the images made by a certain waypoint.

Thank you!

Are you trying to view all of the images for a certain waypoint in order? Like a time-lapse?
Sounds like you need to organize them by re-naming the images, inserting ‘WP1’ or some designation to identify them with particular waypoints. Then you could sort them accordingly.
Unless I am completely off base with what you want to accomplish.

While this can be done, it is most likely only accomplished with programming.

The waypoint number is not stored in the image files. However, the GPS coordinates are stored in the EXIF data.

This can be done but it won’t be easy for most people. Here are the issues and a couple things to look at:

  1. While you have the exact GPS coordinates from your waypoint mission, the GPS coordinates stored in the EXIF data will be close to, but not exactly at the waypoint coordinate. Any comparison would require a tolerance allowance.
  2. I’ve written software that extracts EXIF data, which would be necessary to automate this. There is software that you can install such as “EXIF Pilot” that will allow you to see the GPS coordinates. However, using a program like that means you would have to do this interactively, one image at a time.
  3. There is also software called “EXIF Tool” whose usage can be scripted if you are familiar with that sort of thing.
  4. Given two sets of GPS coordinates, one can compute the distance between them. However, doing so is a bit of an advanced exercise.

Hi Sam Yes I want to create time-lapses with the images. To rename them it is easy, the problem I am having, like wesbarris mentioned, the actual coordinates of my photos deviates a little, so I can’t group them in waypoints. When I look at the images in the MAP TAB in Adobe Lightroom some are groups and some are not. I guess I will use this grouping and just refile it visually.
Thanks a lot for the help!

Thanks a lot, I will look into it!