Waypoints for sampling in canyons

Hi all. I have a DJI mini 2 pro that would like to use it for a plant conservation project. I need to sample plants in a canyon each year to see how much they have grown and their survivorship. My plan is to use waypoints so that I can sample the same locations next year. I am not sure if the app can record a waypoint with latitude, longitude, elevation and camera angle so that the next time I sample the plants I can get the same image with the same angle. I have seen people use waypoints to sample big areas but in an horizontal way, but I am planning to do a vertical sampling since plants are located in the walls of the canyons.
Another idea I have is to sample individuals but trying to keep a constant distance from the canyon wall to the camera so that I can obtain estimates of plant size consistently, but I do not know if that is possible with the app.

I appreciate a lot any feedback or suggestion regarding my question.

Everything you mentioned can be done with Litchi. Do a little experimenting with the Mission Hub and you’ll quickly see the capabilities.


Welcome @Luis2

One idea could be to use the ‘Waypoint at Aircraft’ setting of the Fn button. You could fly to the points that you want to replicate in the future and set a Waypoint at those spots. Save the mission and fly it at future dates.

Some info about it:
Waypoint at Aircraft: In Waypoint mode, adds a waypoint at the aircraft location. The newly added waypoint will have its altitude, heading and gimbal pitch angle automatically set to the current aircraft altitude, heading and gimbal pitch angle.

To set the button function:
Settings → Keys:
You can set up to 2 different custom functions, for the C1 (left) and C2 (right) custom keys located on the remote controller.
You can also bind 2 different custom functions to C1 Long press and C2 Long press.
For the Mavic Mini 1 and Mini SE: C1 is the RTH button and C2 is not available. Long press is not supported.
For the Mini 2/Mavic Air 2/Air 2S: single tap on Fn button for C1, double tap on Fn button for C2. Long press is not supported.

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Hi all. Thank you very much for your answers, it seems that we can do the project then.
I forgot to ask how many points per waypoint can be saved, and also how many missions can be saved.
Thanks for your help

10,000 waypoints per mission. I dont think there is a maximum number of missions.

Familiarize yourself with the so called ‘canyon effect on gps’ by searching this forum and/or the internet.

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Thank you very much for your help. Another question: can Litchi be used for DJI mini 3 pro?

Search this forum for “mini 3”.