Waypoints and POI's

Is it possible that Litchi could dis-associate newly inserted POI’s from waypoints until they are used ?

When I insert any new POI’s into an existing mission, it scrambles most of
the headings of the waypoints that I have already set, and links the waypoints to themselves.

Do you have those waypoints set to a previously entered POI? Or toward next waypoint?
You could use a batch edit to set waypoints to a previous POI or to None.

That is not the behavior that I experience. At least, not with the settings I am using. The behavior depends on the order in which POIs and waypoints are entered.

If you first insert a number of waypoints and then insert one POI, the heading of all waypoints will point that that single POI. Adding more POIs does not change the heading of the existing waypoints. They remain pointing at POI number 1.

If you first insert a number POIs and then insert one or more waypoints, the heading of each inserted waypoint will point to the nearest POI.


Yes, that is what I want NOT to happen.
This also happens on subsequent waypoints if they are not already linked to a previous POI.
Would be nice if I could insert POI’s at random that do “nothing”, until I want to use them.

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