Waypoints and DJI Míní 2

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I am a long-time user of Litchi Waypoints. My Litchi waypoints experience consists of close to 2000 km clocked in Waypoint mode.
Talking about FlyApp based DJI drones and Litchi waypoints missions, I was very disappointed when I understood what Joystick mission mode is.
However, I flew a curved turns mission with a Mini 2 in which I took footage of my moving car and again, I got very very disappointed with the outcome.
This time with the turns smoothness. I did the best I could at planning time in Hub, especially smooth large curves, and I previewed the mission in Google Earth. All looked great except that the actual flight panning is as rough as can be and the drone did very choppy direction adjustments. I have a video on YouTube with this flight, but all turns are edited out.

I flew at 35 km/h, which for a Phantom 3 is piece of cake. Is this speed too much for a drone with GPS + GLONASS + Galileo to keep doing smooth turns? Can I do something to get things better except lower the speed to a crawl?
Can this be caused by bad compass calibration or bad compass?
I am considering buying a Phantom 3 Standard because of this! :sweat_smile:

Thanks for any input in advance,

This is typical for “Virtual Stick Command” missions/drones which highly rely on a constant good control signal quality between the drone and remote contoller.
An interruption of even milliseconds means that some VSC’s and feedback to the controller don’t reach the drone/controller and therefore will not be executed.
The controller sends a VSC to the drone and the drone sends it’s 3D position, speed, etc. back to the controller/Litchi (feedback) so Litchi can work out the next appropriate VSC to the drone. When this gets interrupted ever so slightly, smoothness is gone.

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Hello there and thank you for making light on this matter. The action plan is clear, I have to go back to a DJI Go or DJI Go4 based drone if I want to use Litchi for waypoint missions as I used to do in the past.

Does mini flies 35km/h in intelligent mode?

The maximum speed in P mode for Mini 1 is 28 Km/h and Mini 2 35 km/h
The max speed you can set for missions is 54 km/h

That’s right. Missions are active in P mode. The maximum speed is the speed without wind.

You can’t use DJI Go with the Mini 2

Nobody here stated you can.