Waypoint when out of signal range

When my Mini 2 following waypoints goes out of range it stops. My phantom 3 continues and finishes its mission when signal lost. How can I get my mini 2 to do the same? Thanks in advance Kevin

The simple answer is you can’t as the mini 2 uses VSC (search the forum, its a regular question)


Thank you Martin for your prompt reply and indeed yes I’ve done as you suggested and realised the bad news. Lucky I had the setting to hover! It was over the sea. There was enough signal to activate home.

I always have my loss of signal set to RTH

Low Battery RTH will ALWAYS kick in.

Wow, that was a timely discovery. If the drone had lost signal with “hover” as the setting to apply in the event of that occurrence, the drone would have patiently hovered in place above the waiting waves until a jetski rider made it to the scene, or didn’t.

Before I realized it is vital all collision sensors on my Mavic Pro 1 are switched OFF before Litchi missions, I was forced to scurry up a 40-foot water tower to regain signal connectivity after the drone slammed on the brakes a mile from home because the obstacle avoidance sensors mistook the sun for a UFO and prevented the drone from moving an inch.

Speaking of UFOs I’ve often toyed with the idea of fitting my drones with miniature loudspeakers that will blare out one-liners from Rodney Dangerfield’s repertoire whenever a tic-tac or flying triangle is detected approaching or loitering.

Apologies for the Twilight Zone detour, and yes, all newer DJI drones that are specific to the DJI Fly platform use the infamous Virtual Sticks mode when flying Litchi Missions. Virtual Sticks requires uninterrupted connectivity with the controller, and the drone is essentially hard-wired to RTH if signal connectivity is interrupted for more than a few fleeting moments.

Older DJI drones that use DJI Go or DJI Go4 do not suffer from this limitation and will fly Litchi missions to completion if signal connectivity is lost, regardless of how many butterflies flap their wings in Tibet.

Will 10% of the battery be enough to get back to the take-off point? If the mission lasts 2 kilometers in calm, and a headwind will rise back to the sea.

You obviously have no clue how Low Battery RTH works.

Of course, show a screenshot of your drone settings. Let’s laugh together.

Now the tribar will come running and close the topic, he always does this when it suits him.

For flying over the sea, this is a particularly interesting feature. :slight_smile:

There are NO settings that influence the Low Battery RTH procedure.
You obviously have no clue how Low Battery RTH works.

My favourite video :grinning:
Read the text below the video.

Have you used litchi? Or are you guessing

You with your knowledge of rth. Together with the tribar you will sail for the drone :slight_smile:

The factory setting is always 10% and 25%. Mad_pup has the ability to set it to 0% and fly until it falls. At 0%, the drone can still fly for 3-4 minutes.

Works as in the screenshot. At 10%.
And you still don’t know how to read, well, learn.1

Are you stupid? Critical battery warning always works, but you will swim after the drone so that it does not drown, because of people like you, drones drown.
25% can be ignored. 10% never, the drone will just land on the water.1

Goodness me. The forums I normally frequent are not as aggressive as here. It’s very sad that you are so all unfriendly. Is there a moderator here or is it normally as bad? Shows how drone operators have extremely below intelligence levels. Hey hoe, I’ve got some help, I’ll move on. Good luck to you all…

Critical battery warning always works.
25% can be ignored. 10% never, the drone will just land on the water.

The adequate answer to the poster’s original question is given by @Martin_Reading in post #2.
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