Waypoint Return to Home Autocancel

Hi, I use waypoints to fly sections of road. During 2 sections the drone wants to return to home I think due to air restrictions or something, I’m not sure, it doesn’t say. I can then press cancel and it continues on its path but I’m driving under it so can’t watch the screen and the road and the drone. Is there any way to auto cancel so I can just trust to meet it at the end waypoint?

Air restrictions do not trigger RTH. There are three types of RTH:

  1. Failsafe RTH (due to signal loss)
  2. Low battery RTH (so that the drone has enough power to return to the home point)
  3. Smart RTH (when pressing the RTH button on the remote)

My guess would be that yours is 2, low battery RTH. Since you are driving away from your home point (presumably), your drone automatically triggers RTH when it thinks it only has enough battery power left to return to the home point.

No, there is no way to auto-cancel. But, perhaps there is a work-around. If you are moving away from your home point and it is indeed the “Low Battery RTH” being triggered, you may wish to experiment with “Dynamic Home Point” where the home point is continually updated to reflect the controller’s location.

I must add that attempting to pilot an aircraft while simultaneously driving a car is risky and not recommended. A better solution would be to have someone else drive the car while you pilot the aircraft.


When I am at the end of the waypoint mission the battery is on about 60% remaining…

I usually get someone to drive whilst I watch the drone from below to keep under it as well as watch for the cancel RTH.

It is in the same point each time…

I’ll try lowering the RTH battery point as well as Dynamic RTH.


You cannot “lower” the RTH battery point. The Low Battery RTH function is fully automated and is triggered from computations based on current battery usage and distance from home. You can change the low battery warning sound. However, that is only based on remaining battery percentage.

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Shew again thank you very much for the info, you are being very very helpful.

So I guess I’ll fly the same waypoint but try out the DYNAMIC RTH and see if that cancels due to being right under the drone the whole flight through.

I’m probably flying tomorrow so will give feed back soonest.

My ideal like I’m other sites is to meet the drone at the end point but this will still require me to be under it throughout but will at least hopefully stop having to cancel the RTH’s

Just to be clear…

There is no such thing as “DYNAMIC RTH”. What I mentioned is described in the user guide like this:

Dynamic Homepoint: When enabled, the home point will continuously be updated to the current location of your mobile device. Recommended in Follow mode.

There will be nothing to cancel. Provided your flying device has GPS, your home point will be continuously updated to the location of your flying device as you drive. Therefore, the “Low Battery RTH” function will not be calculating the distance (and required battery power) to return the drone to its take-off location. Instead, it will calculate the power required to return to the dynamically updated home point. Since you are right under your drone, this should prevent the “Low Battery RTH” from triggering half-way through your flight.


Soooo, Dynamic home point worked perfectly, :pray:t2: