Waypoint Photos not in focus

When i use Waypoint mission for photos, they come out blurred and not in focus. I use what everyone is suggesting like stop for 2s, take photo, stop for 2s and then carry on. A lot of people saying there is a focus issue in the Waypoint mission and it is suggested to touch screen to set focus to infinity before take off. If done after take off then focus can be lost. Any ideas??

Would you point me to one of these discussions? I have not heard about a focus issue in waypoint missions.

In the upper left corner of the camera view screen there is a [AF] or [MF] icon. The easiest thing to do is set that to [AF] (auto-focus).

Ep32 Mavic Pro. Litchi still "Glitchi" but found a fix for bad auto-focus. - YouTube Take a look at this youtube link of guy having same issue. I will take look at AF or MF

I watched the first few minutes of that video.

a) That video is really old (2017). With software, that is ancient history. I wouldn’t put too much weight on a video that is so out-of-date.
b) That guy is confusing focusing the camera with focusing on a POI. Same word (focus), different meanings.

Nevertheless, I can see he had a focus problem.

I suggest you make sure your drone is in auto-focus [AF] mode and try again.

thanks, just looking for that button af or mf, cannot see it anywhere.do you have pic

On my screen the [AF] / [MF] icon is in the upper left corner. I don’t see it on your screen. What model drone do you have?

Mavic air 2. I cannot see anyway to alter focus

The mavic air 2 has a fixed focus lens with a focus range of 1m to infinity.
This means it has no focus ability.
Possible reasons for out of focus can be:
-object not within focus range.
-condensation on lens
-dirty lens
-shutterspeed to slow/long
-drone/gimbal vibrations
-high wind velocity

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Thanks for reply, shutter speed set fast at I think was 1\500 to get sharp pics. I will check lens. I was inly at 50m height taking pic at approx 30 degree angle.

For anyone using a Mavic Pro (1): to get perfect focus, set your focus to hyperdistance focal point by following instructions in Litchi/DJI manual.
Make sure you have the focus threshold setting in Litchi to high, which shows all points of in focus as red colour, when viewed on the screen. You never have to worry about focusing again, unless you accidentally change focus settings. I’ve been using this mode for the last 5yrs no focus problems at all.

i fly that as well ill look for that, when its not on the mission my pics are clear and if i use my mini 2 for the same mission it comes out clear it has only been in the last 2 weeks that the pics have been blurry, i have flown this mission for over a year with no issues

Try to upload your mission to the Litchi Mission Hub, marking it as Public so we can view it. We should then be able to check out the mission to see if all is set correctly.

i just did, I tried it with my mini 2 and everything is clear but with my mavic pro it is blurry but only during the mission

Unless you post a link to your mission, we won’t be able to view it. However, it is highly unlikely that there is anything wrong with your mission. It sounds like a focus or shutter speed problem. Would you be able to post one of your blurry photos?

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