Waypoint Missions not following instructions!

Hi there, used my DJI Mini 2 with the Litchi App yesterday for the 1st time (ios). Had planned a test mission following waypoints that seemed to work fine in terms of folowing the route. The camerawork was a little jerky but thats mentioned elsewhere. My big issues was that, upon reviwing the footage it seems the mission failed to do all of the actions that I had plotted for various way points - such as stopping recording, taking photos etc.

Anyone else had issues with this? Is it a problem with the app or user error (most likely ;-))

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actions only work for straight line missions, so check if it was a straight line or curved course mission

It was a curved course mission so that might wel have been the issue.

Any idea whether that is a big in the app or is there some logic behind actions not working for curved missions?

Actions do not work because the app does not know when to trigger the actions because the turn is curved. It might be reworked in future versions in the app where it would calculate the middle of the turn and do it there, but I don’t know if Litchi developers will work on this. Anyway, if you want your actions to work, then set turns to Straight in Mission Settings, then your drone will stop at each waypoint and follow the actions.

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For litchi, all actions are done correctly. If you want smoother turns and action at the same time, make more dots. It’s pretty simple.

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My AIR 2s waypoint mission today.
Flew route correctly, but, also had issues with “actions” not working.
I had WP3 as the actual start of mission, had straight line route with the actions to “HOLD”, “TAKE PHOTO”, “START RECORD”. It held but no photo, and no start record. Then the curved route starts at WP4.
So do you need a mission with NO CURVES at all, to get the actions to work correctly?

Yes. For Actions to work the Path Mode in Mission Settings has to be set to Straight Lines.
Screenshot from the Online User Guide:

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Just so I understand, the ENTIRE mission can not have any curves at all? Too windy for a test flight this morning. Thanks1

Correct, curve or straight are mission settings not individual waypoint

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Would be handy of that was in the app and not just in a manual.

Either that or of any curves existed, do not allow actions to happen.

I can understand if the drone doesn’t really hit a particular waypoint - but not to do the action at the first or last is crazy.

As the majority use actions, why have curve option at all?

Personnaly if i fly a mission i just shoot video, so curves are way better than straight lines as you get nice pan shots between waypoints

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It’s pretty simple. Video needs smooth lines. For photos, straight lines. Any mission can be completed two or three times with different settings and get a good result.


My mission does not have any curved lines (I’m assuming this is done by selecting all the waypoints and setting the curved paramater to 0m?). The mission itself contains 140 waypoints, each of them with the actions: stay for 3s, tilt camera, take photo, stay for 3s. The actions are performed perfectly on the first waypoint, but then the drone (DJI mini 2) continues flying throught the entire waypoints without performing any actions…

No its done by selecting straight lines in the mission settings as described here


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