Waypoint mission

To learn mission planning i made a short mission.
Two points :

  • point 1 : looking tp POI + start filming
  • point 2 : looking to POI + stop filming

The drone (mini 2) is going to point 1 and hoover (for ever)

What is wrong?


The link to the mission : Mission Hub - Litchi

To clarify, are you saying that the drone doesn’t fly to waypoint 2 at all?

If it does move from 1 to 2 but hovers at two, try checking this:

Go to settings and ensure that RTH Return To Home is toggled.
I’ve actually experienced this recently too and haven’t really checked to see if there’s any other problem besides this setting. Maybe double check firmware updates etc.


I have had a look at your mission. While there is nothing in your mission that would cause what you describe, there are a couple things that should be adjusted:

  1. Since you set each waypoint’s “Gimbal Pitch” to be “Focus POI”, I am assuming you would like your camera heading to also point at the POI. In settings, your “Heading Mode” should be set to “Custom (WD)” instead of “Auto (TNW)”.
  2. In settings you have the “Path Mode” set to curved turns. However, you have defined a camera action (Start Recording) at waypoint 1. Camera actions will only reliably work when “Path Mode” is set to “Straight Lines”.

Because your drone is not actually flying the mission I would check the following:

  1. Check to make sure your drone is running DJI’s latest firmware.
  2. Be sure to force-close DJI Fly, before attempting to use Litchi.
  3. When flying the mission, be sure to be well within communication distance to your mission.

After checking all of these things, if it still does not work, come back a provide a few more details about exactly how you are flying this mission.


I did change your proposals and the mini 2 flew the mission. But i became an error during the flight.
I was fliing with prop gards. Is it possible that the weight was the cause…
When i fly with DJI then one have the eror : overweight. And i can reset that.
Here must i restart the drone (suggestion on the screen).

Thanks for the quick respons !!

Remember that you have to set the drone to “Payload” in Settings whenever you use the Prop Guards.

When i fly with “DJI fly” , i can switch off the pay load else i have to fly with reduced speed, hight ect.
Reset "pay load"is that possible in Litchi?

I believe that the “Payload” setting is only available in the DJI Fly app. There are a number of other things including Updates, Activation and More that you will need to use the DJI Fly for.

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Why in the world would u be using prop guards ?

I am a fresh pilot and they saved yhe drone already 2 times.
2 times in a tree without damage.
Later on i am going to fly without.

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Hello Wiskey_77, as you found out Prop Guards are your friends and like safety insurance when flying. They are very helpful in areas with people or if flying indoors or if you are new, or shooting gaps, just to name a few. I have drones with prop guards like the Whoops and drones without like the 5" racers and waterproof “Spry”. With DJI you usually can’t fix a broken drone yourself so anything to protect your investment is a good idea.

I have removed the prop guards. The problems are over. Ity is a pity that the pay load warning not can be reset… The last problem in the folow mode : GPS not accurate enough.
Test are planed later to day.
To be continue.

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Folow mode : de min accuracywas in the set up was 1 m. After setting the min. accuracy at 10 m “Folow” is working OK.
Question : if there is a software update of Litchi is there a warning?
Thank you for the quick respons.

  1. Mobile Device GPS Accuracy/Altimeter: The estimated accuracy of your mobile device’s location, in meters/feet. If this number is red, it means your current location accuracy is over the “Minimum Location Accuracy” general aircraft setting. In such a case, you will not be allowed to start Follow. If you are having difficulties getting a good location accuracy, try another location or increase the “Minimum Location Accuracy” general aircraft setting. Setting the “Minimum Location Accuracy” to a higher value will allow for a bigger margin of error for the mobile device GPS signal, but the follow me movements may be less precise.