Waypoint mission is treated differently for different aircraft

This Waypoint mission results in totally different behavior when flown using Air 2S then Mavic 2 Pro.
Mission summary:
2 POIs, first one is circled counter-clockwise, second circled clockwise.
Air 2S behaves nicely rotating the aircraft in the appropriate direction for each POI
Mavic 2 Pro spins clockwise (incorrect behavior) around POI 1 and clockwise (correct behavior) around POI 2.

Is this a result of Virtual Stick vs Autonomous capability between the 2 aircraft? Or is it something else?

Check these settings which are NOT available in the mission hub (only in the litchi app):

  • Mission Setting ‘Rotation Direction’
  • Waypoint Setting ‘Rotation’

Also read the online user guide for explenations of these settings:


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Thanks Yordie,

The ‘Rotation Direction’ for the Mission was set to Manual
and the Waypoint Setting was set to Clockwise for all Waypoints. I changed the Waypoint Rotations for POI 1 and will test it after the storm blows thru.
Its odd that the Waypoint Rotation setting didnt seem to affect the Air 2S drone.
I’ll post an update after flying both birds.

Under most conditions you will want the “Rotations Direction” set to “Managed”. Otherwise, you are always going to run into situations like this (unless you want to manually set your rotations for every mission you create).