Waypoint lower than 200m

Hello, not sure if this has been answered before but I have a mission planned that follows a mountain slope at 30m above ground but the whole mission starts at 1930m and ends at 2800m, which means more than 500m difference in altitude. I was thinking to take off around the middle but then the lowest the app allows me to go is -200m from the first way point, alternatively to split the mission into 3 in order, but I would prefer to have one continuous video.

Will the drone be able to go below that or it will stop at -200m? Attached the mission waypoints.

According to some of the SDK limits from DJI:

The altitude of the aircraft is relative to the ground at the take-off location, has a range of [-200,500] and should not be larger than the aircraft’s max limited altitude.

It appears that -200 is your limit, relative to your take-off point.

Hello Sam, thank you for the clarification, as I thought. I believe the drone hacks module to unlock the max height would allow such flight, but the cost just for 1 flight is not worth taking.

thanks again!