Waypoint for DJI mini 2 SE

Hi, I’ve purchased a DJI Mini 2 SE and I would like to have the ability to create flight plans with the drone (e.g., waypoints). I bought the Litchi app, but it’s not compatible with this model. Does anyone know how to do this?

First, you have answered your own question. Litchi will not work with the Mini 2 SE because DJI has not released the SDK that would enable software developers to create programs that will do what you want to do.

Second, you can request a refund by emailing support@flylithi.com

Thanks a lot for the answer,
do you know which app can help me with more specific objectives such as waypoints?

Unfortunately, there is no app available from a 3rd party vendor to suit your needs.
Why? (you may ask)

Without a Software Development Kit (SDK) from DJI, nobody has the ability to write programs that will interface and control your Mini 2 SE.
Your only choice is to use the DJI Fly app