Waypoint actions in Flightlog

I have searched but I cant find a definite answer to this question:
Are waypoint actions logged anywhere in the Litchi Flightlog?
If so, how can we find them?
If not, is it possible to add them? It could help when a postmortem is done on a mission. When a mission doesnt behave as expected, it would be helpful to see if any or all waypoint actions are being carried out.
Just a suggestion.

That would be impossible because as soon as the connection between the drone and the remote controller is lost, nothing is recorded anymore.

Especially with VSC drones, if a command to execute an action (or in fact any command) is send to the drone, there’s now way of knowing if this command has been received by the drone.

That’s why VSC drones can show erratic behaviour during a waypoint mission.

I respectfully disagree with the broad statement. Even VSC drones that are well within controller range and maintained 100% uplink and downlink have had issues executing waypoint actions (other posters here can verify).
It could be a simple matter of setting the actions in the proper order or adding wait times. Hence my question (are they being logged or is it possible to add them).
If a command is sent by the controller (take photo) but not being executed (no photo taken) then there is problem somewhere. Knowing if its application or controller or drone will be useful.

Waypoint actions are not explicitly logged. However, the result of the action (in some cases) is. For example, if the waypoint action is to rotate the aircraft or tilt the gimbal, both the rotation and pitch angle change is captured in the log. However, the “Take Photo”, “Start Recording”, and “Stop Recording” are not logged. The “Wait For” action can be extrapolated by seeing no drone movement for a period of time in the log.

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The 5 signal bars on the screen show an average of the signal strength.
1 bar: 0% to 20%
5 bars: 80% to 100%

Even at 5 bars there’s a real chance of 1 or more signal interruptions of 1 or more milliseconds, and that’s all it takes for a command not to be received by the drone.
And if a command is not received by the drone it can not send feedback to the RC if this command has been executed.

Hence my statement:

Would (or would not) having ANY kind of command trace information be helpful?