Waypoint 22 out of 25 Took Photos

Hi all, it’s been a while since I posted here.

I have a mission that I need to go back every month and record videos and photos. And there are 25 waypoints for this project for photos.

Before someone comments about curved vs straight lines, yes for my photo mission, it’s only with straight lines versus my video waypoint mission is designed to have curves.

Anyway, the first time I used Air 2S and the drone took photos on all 25 waypoints. That’s great. I went back this month with Phantom 4 Advanced, and it turns out it only took 22 photos out of 25 way points.

Are you familiar with this kind of issues? And what can we do to avoid this kind of issues in future? Is it just bad reception with Phantom 4A? That’s possible, but I’m wondering if there’s anything we can do instead of counting photos after each mission.

Thank you in advance,

The Phantom 4 has onboard waypoints. It will complete a mission, even if controller/drone signal drops completely.
It could be a MicroSD card issue (or processing speed) of the Phantom if waypoints are fairly close. Trying to write an image to the card, but not completing the process when it reaches the next waypoint could prevent it from performing a waypoint action.
You could add a ‘Stay For’ action after the image is captured might help.

All of this is just supposition, since we dont know the layout of the mission and the Mission Settings.
If you would like to share the mission, that could help.

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Thank you Sam_G, I actually think this may be the issue. This time I used an inferior card actually (I know, although the shoot is near my home, I shouldn’t have done it) and some files got semi-corrupt. I say semi since they were corrupt importing via Lightroom but for some reason Capture One was able to save the files.

Yeah, I will go back to Lexar or Samsung I trust - the card I use was Silicon Power and one card already failed on me so no more SP.

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Unless you know the microsd card was too slow (e.g. you were getting warnings about write speed etc), I would increase your stay time before moving to next way point. Have similar missions where go from waypoint to waypoint, video between waypoints, photos at each waypoint. At each waypoint, actions are stop recording, wait 2 sec, take photo(s), wait 2 sec, start recording, wait 1-2 sec, go to next waypoint, etc… Have flown with ipad and various droid devices, as well as P4P, Mavic, Mavic2 Pro, Mavic 3 Pro, etc… As for microsd, use sandisk extreme pro’s v3/u3 have not had any issues with them including 4K@60, make sure they are real sandisk extreme pro as there are some fake ones out there have heard of. good luck.