Warning! Dji Check Product Disconnect Reason

I have not flown my Phantom 3 Pro for some time. So I connected it up in Litchi and it showed this message on my screen Warning! Dji_Check_Product_Disconnect_Reason. I’m using a Ipad 3 and I also get the same message on my Iphone 11 Pro Max. Has any else seen this message? I do have video and maps plus audio is ok. Three of the icons at the top of screen are there but are not live.

Use the DJI GO app first and log in to your DJI account, then when the drone operates normal, force close DJI GO and use Litchi.

If you get an error in DJI GO, let us know:
-the exact error message (& number) in DJI GO
-DJI GO version
-Drone firmware version
-Remote controller firmware version

Everything in DJI GO is working ok. Shut down Go App and started Litchi App. I still get the Warning! dji_check_product_disconnect_reason. Everything is ok execpt the 3 icons at the top that show ( RC Battery, Uplink, and Downlink ) are not active. Not sure where to find the number of the warning. Please let me know.
DJI Go - 3.1.68
Phantom 3 Pro - 1.11.20
RC - 1.9.2
Litchi - 2.14.3
Hope this helps thanks.

This warning message ONLY shows up in the iOS version of litchi (v2.14.3). It does NOT show up in the android version 4.26.2.

I have no idea what it means.

In my opinion an administrator should response to this issue or it should be posted in the ‘Known issues’ section of this forum.

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The same picture I see on my Ipad and Iphone. Litchi use to work ok. Now we have this. Thanks for showing the picture. Hope Litchi can fix the problem.