Waiponts mode. Continuation of the mission in case of loss of signal with the remote control

Is it possible to ensure that when using waiponts mode, the mission continued even if the signal with the remote control was lost and after the mission was completed, the drone returned to its home point? I understand that if a drone crashes into a tree (for example) at a time when there is no signal, it will be harder to find it, but nevertheless…

With DJI drones that use the fly app this is not possible as they use VSC (Virtual stick commands) rather than uploading the mission to the drone, this is down to DJI and not litchi

Strange…, here is a video (in Russian) unfortunately, which shows that the mission continues even with the loss of signal…Программа LITCHI, тест миссии, полёт по точкам с полной потерей связи. - YouTube

Nothing strange about it.

That video is 3 years old allready.
At that time the Mini-1 and the Fly App were not on the market yet.
So it must have been a drone that uses the DJI GO App, these drones can fly and complete a mission even with the controller turned off.


Yes indeed. You can see that when he starts the mission, at the top, in the status bar the drone switches to F-WP which is Waypoints flight mode, in newer drones that use VSC the drone switches to Joystick mode.

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