VSC: Adjust Max Flight Speed in WPT mission with Right Stick?

I guess there are some posts going a couple years back that using the right stick to control speed on a waypoint mission was not implemented for the newer DJI Fly drones. Is that still the case? Will it be coming?

As long as it’s been, would it be worth noting this in the docs if this still doesn’t work?

Can leaders acknowledge/confirm this?

The way that Litchi was able to implement waypoint missions on the DJI drones that do not internally support waypoint missions was to use VSC (Virtual Stick Commands). The use of VSC precludes manual intervention of the physical control sticks.

I don’t know but my best guess is that it will not be. It probably has to do with only having the ability to use VSC or physical sticks, but not both simultaneously.

I was surprised that I can point the Air 2S in flight between waypoints if Heading is set to Manual. Especially since Course Lock isn’t available on the VSC models.

But I recognize that we may not be able to get everything, and in the grand scheme of things I’m sure it’s better that we have manual control of heading anyway.

If this is going to be permanent, maybe they need to update the docs.

Thank you for weighing in.