VR mode functionality without split screen.

Many people are buying and recommending the use of ‘Dronemask’ for FPV (this is a single lens VR type headset that offers superior definition plus many other advantages traditional two-lens VR goggles)

Could it be possible to enable head-tracking and immersive without forcing the split screen mode?
Or looking at it another way, VR mode minus split screen?

I second this! Additionally, the toggle for the device camera is like made especially for the dronemask (has an opening for the mobile cam), but unfortunately that toggle exists only in VR mode! :slight_smile:
We need VR mode without splitscreen- or the VR Features (Headtracking, device camera switch) in normal fpv mode. With the dronemask on, the (screen) Inputs could be done via a bluetooth mini gamepad, it would be am gamechanger if litchi would be optimised for that! :slight_smile: