VR mode functionality without split screen.

Many people are buying and recommending the use of ‘Dronemask’ for FPV (this is a single lens VR type headset that offers superior definition plus many other advantages traditional two-lens VR goggles)

Could it be possible to enable head-tracking and immersive without forcing the split screen mode?
Or looking at it another way, VR mode minus split screen?

I second this! Additionally, the toggle for the device camera is like made especially for the dronemask (has an opening for the mobile cam), but unfortunately that toggle exists only in VR mode! :slight_smile:
We need VR mode without splitscreen- or the VR Features (Headtracking, device camera switch) in normal fpv mode. With the dronemask on, the (screen) Inputs could be done via a bluetooth mini gamepad, it would be am gamechanger if litchi would be optimised for that! :slight_smile:


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Up for this suggestion! Would be great to have a fullscreen option in VR mode. It is something available with dronevr+ app, but litchi is way better regarding others features. Just miss this one.

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Fully agree, I use a Bluetooth mouse/joystick to control features when the Dronemask is in place.

Never heard of dronevr+… I’ll have a look at it!

DroneVR+ is a nice little app and you can choose between split view or a real fullscreen view. You can also head control the gimbal or yaw. Unfortunetly it is not possible (or I don’t now how) to switch to the phone camera configuring buttons like you do in litchi, which can be usefull for take-off and landing.
Dronemask is definitivly a must have. I’ve tested both VR “split” mask and the dronemask and the picture quality is really better with the latter. Filming or just flying are a real joy.

I’ve just downloaded it to try. I got the Dronemask a month or so ago. As you say, it’s far better resolution than the split screen offerings…

I’ve finally found out another app call “Auriga” and that works for Dji Minis (I have a Mini 2). The software has special option dedicated to dronemask (or magimask). You can fully control parameters with the mask on (via joysticks, no need to bluetooth controller) and you can can easily switch from drone to phone camera. A nice HUD, gimbal head control, the ability to have a real full screen view (with or without OSD), everything is here for dronemask fans! Very complementary to Litchi features.

It looks very good indeed! I’ve just downloaded it.
Have you tried it yet?

Yes, tested it this morning. It works like a charm!

Brilliant! I messaged them about the possibility of adding yaw control via head tracking. They responded that they are planning this, but only when the drone is hovering.

Same question to them and same answer this morning LOL!

How much does it cost?

7,99€ , honestly it’s worth it.

I’ll check it out! Sounds good!

Has anyone found a cheaper full screen goggle option to the Magimask?

I looked very hard - on all the Chinese sites too. I could not find an alternative. The usual split screen vr goggles are really bad

When I tried to download Auriga, I got fraavt.com instead. I had to register and provide a cc no, I do not see anything about Auriga. Did I get hacked?