VR mode failed to start

I need head tracking with my Mini 2. Seems Litchi is the only way to get it. Unfortunately, head tracking cannot be used without splitting the phone screen. So I bought a Samsung Gear VR headset and modified it to accept the phone plugged directly into the controller.

Problem is… The phone cannot be connected to the controller until it is inserted into the goggles. But then I can’t reach Litchi’s VR switch on the phone’s screen.

Can a Mini 2 controller button be programmed to enter Litchi’s VR mode?
If so, how?

Otherwise I must re-modify the goggles so that the phone can be inserted after it is plugged into the controller.


Use another vr headset

Head tracking without forcing VR mode would rock!
Is buying another headset worth it?
I bought the Gear VR to see what it’s like, to see whether the VR split screen is low res and grainy. It was a good price and it can be used for Oculus VR stuff too.

Then use gear vr. But do not connect the micro-usb or type-c connector to your phone.

Turning on vr can be set to the function of a key on the remote. Or use the mouse.

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