VLM for google earth

As i export the VLM for google earth …why those red Altitude waypoint line not show up on google earth …it was show up before !

Many Litchi users are having the same problem using the VLM Chrome Browser Extension. There is no indication when this Bug will be fixed, so you can check out the issue on the Litchi Forum with the first link. https://forum.flylitchi.com/t/mission-export-as-vlm-to-view-flight-in-google-earth-pro-bug/
The full VLM software program can be downloaded at this link and should still be working properly. Virtual Litchi Mission | DJI Mavic, Air & Mini Drone Community

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Thank every one …after i Clear browsing data …every things back to normal…hope this will help for you all

TOP it is working… Thankyou :smile:

Clear browsingdata … than it works