VLM flight "Jumps the Track" if Parallel flight paths are too Close

I fixed the problem by moving my return flightpath away from the river and flew over a hill thus avoiding my incoming flightpath. But prior to the course change, I watched the virtual drone jump from it’s forward track to it’s return track while still going forward. Is this a common problem in tight places like roads and rivers? Also was wondering what were the max POI available per mission. Thanks!

“Jumping tracks” should not be possible.

I do not know what the maximum number of POIs is but it would be more than what is realistically necessary for any mission. If you are bumping up against some sort of limit, perhaps rethink how you are planning your mission.

Thanks again wesbarris for checking on me, I do appreciate it! Strangely the flight mission did jump from the lower altitude entrance path to the higher altitude exit flight path. I checked it twice and decided to just move the converging paths farther apart. I watched a video of a flight up and down the street near a pilots house and he didn’t have any problems either. It’s something for me to watch I guess. The reason for the POI question was that I only saw options for 9 placements so without a 10 or ability to type directly into the POI counter I made due with the 9 that I could see.

I just tested using the Mission Hub and placed 30 POIs. I then place one waypoint and in the dropdown box for POIs, all 30 were listed. The dropdown had a scrollbar so that any of the 30 could be selected.


I appreciate your checking this for me. I don’t know why I only saw 9 POI options but with a bit more practice and video checking I will get it down.