VLM export Removed?

Did Litchi Remove Export VLM in the save Missions?

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“Export VLM” is not part of Litchi’s Mission Hub. Instead, it is something added by the Chrome VLM browser extension. Check the status of your browser extension to be sure it is still installed and enabled.

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Don’t know if this helps but are you opening Litchi using Chrome ? I was opening it using Firefox and Google Earth in Chrome obviously so the Export VLM wouldn’t appear on the Litchi mission page .


evidence that the addon works and the issue is on your end

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Yeah works fine here as well on pc and laptop, both running Waterfox

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I dont have the option Export as VLM on my Laptop

I got the VLM extension for Chrome. and it worked Thank you for your help. Much Appreciated!

I also got the VLM extension for Chrome, but when trying to “export as VLM” I get the message “Can’t convert to klm”. So since february I have not been able to see vituel flights in Google Earth sadly…

This extension WAS working with Firefox but I suspect something broke in a recent Firefox update. Reset your plugin preferences/settings and Export as VLM will return.

No problem here with firefox 120.0.1 and the plugin