VLM 2.5.0, Google Earth Pro and Litchi Mission Hub

I have all three, and have had them since late 2019 or early 2020 but have not used them in a while. I use the iOS version of Litchi on an iPad Air 2 and am familiar with it. I fly a DJI P3 Pro.

On my Win10 Pro I have VLM 2.5.0 which I’ve used in the distant past but had to do some retraining to remind myself how to use it to view waypoint missions created and exported as CSV.

When I first opened my VLM I found I had to install a related plugin to my Chrome. My Google Earth Pro is up to date and my login to flylitchi works fine on my PC and iPad. Once that was done I reopened VLM and saw a global map of the use that showed a lot of public missions. I clicked on a view and enjoyed seeing some great waypoint missions.

A day or two later I opened VLM and all I see is a blank, white Mission Hub window, no login to litchi, no Litchi logo in the upper right corner.

What do I have to do so I can see the global map of public missions when my VLM is opened?

When I view my existing waypoint missions in Litchi I see highly detailed Google Earth 3D views of my GPS location, but when loading a CSV in VLM, I see the waypoint tracks and POIs but the background is very fuzzy and low in resolution.

What must I do to see normal Google Earth 3D views in VLM when my mission runs?


If you are referring to the desktop program (Virtual Litchi Mission by Namirda) the current version is 2.8.4
Download it here:

Virtual Litchi Mission V2.8.4

I’ve looked all over for newer VLM updates but couldn’t imaging why they would be in Dropbox.

Thanks. After installing it looks much better!

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