Virtual Sticks and Waypoint Missions

I would like to hear some real time experiences from new “M” series flyers about virtual stick control and Litchi Waypoint missions. When a connection is lost, what were the results of your flight(s). Have you had reconnection events after losing connectivity or is that not possible because the mission halts to hover, land or RTH? This is really impacting my next drone purchase as I always have depended on onboard flight data to control my missions and not realtime connectiity.

Thanks troops …

Watch this…
Read the text below the video …

Don’t buy a virtual sticks control drone.

Buy an older Mavic Pro or Zoom drone, which
do not have these limitations.


The Oracle has spoken. Go with a Mavic 2 Pro and say goodby to DJI Fly and its horrible limitations.


A $150 Dji Spark Can Do It :wink:

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The main thing to remember when planning auto missions using VSC, is to make sure that the drone is ALWAYS in line of sight of the controller and aerials on controller are facing the drone at all times. If the drone happens to go blind of said controller, then a loss of signal should be expected. I’ve run some auto missions on a Mini2 without any loss of signal, on similar length to as shown in the video.
Just be very thorough in your planning, as to drone height at furthest point on mission. Make sure there are no obstructions blocking the line of sight.

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