View what the camera is seeing when in mission mode

I did my first mission flight. It worked perfectly but I could only see the satellite view following my programed route. How do I see what the camera sees in real time?

All you should have to do is select the camera view which is normally in the lower right corner. Both the map view and camera view should be visible at the same time. Perhaps your camera view is minimized. If so, select the ‘+’ (Plus sign) in the lower right corner.

Wes. I tried that I and just get a blank (black) screen. I video recorded a mission and everything was perfect on video but I can not see it in real time Switched to dji fly app and everything good Whatever mode I go into it’s the same Is there some settings I’m missing?

Bill, do you have the DJI Fly app still running when you are trying to view the camera in Litchi?
If you do, then shut both the DJI Fly and Litchi apps down … wait a few seconds, then open Litchi.

I do not have both apps running at the same time. Just tried with my ipad instead of iphone and got the same results. I will try closing the Litchi app and restarting it. Get back to you Thx.

So I turned my phone, Ipad and computer off. Restarted just my phone. Plugged in USB to phone with controller and 2S already running. DJI Fly App opens automatically. Closed it and opened Litchi and it WORKED! Any idea how I can stop the DJI Fly App from opening?
Thanks soooooooooooo much. Bill

You can’t. At least I have not heard of, or found a way. If you are planning to fly with Litchi, after you close DJI Fly (because it always starts automatically), you must “force-close” it. Otherwise, you may experience anomalies like this.

K Thanks Wes and Sam. Litchi app is awesome. One more question. When the drone gets to its waypt I have set an action to rotate 360 degrees but it only goes about 30 degrees and back.

Thx, Bill

Found my answer in the user guide to the rotation question Thx Again, Bill

The only way I know of round that is use an Android device, that way you can select what app to start when the controller gets turned on

@Bill4, another option that I use is to have a separate phone or tablet, one is used with the DJI apps to update and calibrate the IMU (among other things), and the other device is used with Litchi so that there can be no interference between the apps. You can use a less expensive device for DJI if all you are doing is updating and calibrating. (I use android and sometimes it is a problem even when you choose Litchi over DJI Fly)

Steve. Great idea. I will use my Ipad for DJI use and my phone for Litchi.

Thank you, Bill

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