Videoshots implementing in a blog

Videoshots, made by a DJI mini SE, operated by mobile phone. How to put these shots in a blog. The shots are safed on a sd-card in the drone itself and not on the phone. When i am out in the fields, i don’t have a computer to help me to do the job.
I appreciate Any kind of suggestions to help me during my 4 weeks pilgrimage in Spain.

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Get an OTG-kabel/adapter (OTG = On The Go) and micro-SD cardreader to transfer the video & photo files to your phone.
Most Samsung phones already come with an OTG-adapter.
A micro-SD cardreader that fits directly to your phone.

When flying with the DJI Fly app, turn on the Camera Setting ‘Cache When Recording’.
This setting will record the 720p Live video stream to your phone and is instantly available for editing.

Thanks for the tips.:wink: